The consumer goes digital – prof. Eric Dejonghe

This presentation explores how the advent of personal media-enabled appliances such as smartphones and tablets and the success of social network platforms creates a shift to a new era of media consumption: the (era of the) digital media consumer, in which the importance of conversation equals or even surpasses mere media consumption. The opportunities for broadcasters and publishers in this context are reflected upon.
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MediaSquare – Lode Nachtergaele

In order to successfully establish a digital relationship between broadcasters, publishers and consumers, an attractive trigger is needed to bootstrap the media opportunities in the digital consumer era. This presentation explains how a digital platform, called “MediaSquare”, acting as a meeting place for the Flemish media consumers and producers could look like. The platform enforces this digital relationship by offering information on new productions, by enabling conversations on programs and articles, by offering personal extensions via “second screen” applications on mobile devices (e.g. taking part in a quiz), by doing social network based recommendations, etc.. As such, MediaSquare could be positioned as a social network for media in Flanders.
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MediaCRM – Robbie De Sutter

Second screen applications, such as enabled by MediaSquare , re-establish the direct communication between the broadcaster and their viewers/listeners. By doing so, broadcasters benefit by improving their insight into the behaviour of their customers allowing them to optimize their programs and program schedules to ensure that these customers are served in the best possible way. Furthermore, this knowledge helps broadcasters to connect advertisers more accurately to their targeted customers as well as to demonstrate the effectiveness of the above-the-line campaigns.
In this session we illustrate the many opportunities CRM (customer relationship management) in a media context can offer for broadcasters, advertisement agencies and advertisers as well as the benefits for the consumer
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Creating Transmedia stories: how to connect emotionally with the digital consumer - Stef Wouters

By introducing storytelling into projects, a new world of emotion can be built. In this lecture, an insight in the creation and the expansion of transmedia projects will be given. By means of some illustrative examples, the opportunities and lessons learned will be discussed. This presentation is not about technology but about creating story worlds using transmedia techniques.
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